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You may be thinking concrete works best for the sidewalks and garages you have seen. However, there is more. For stylish, long-lasting and flexible flooring concrete is among the toppers. Fits well whether inside the house or outside. For the best concrete flooring services in Scottsdale,AZ, Scottsdale Concrete Solutions, is your trusted expert. 

Advantages of Concrete Flooring

Most people have the belief that concrete solely works for driveways, sidewalks and garage surfaces. However, this is not the case. Surprisingly, concrete is a perfect flooring material. 

  • Durability: Concrete flooring is hardy and very tough. This way no pressure is too much for it, be it cars, trucks or any number of stacked crates. This trait makes it the most preferred material in activity-filled commercial areas, for example, warehouses and garages. 
  • Easy to keep in condition: To maintain a concrete floor, the least work is expected. Sealing and waxing are required every 3 to 9 months depending on the level of activity on it, to ensure the protective layer remains still. 
  • Adaptability: Once you have put your concrete in the right shape, free from bumps, holes and any deformations, any floor surface will fit perfectly with it anytime, if you choose to put up one. Though, many floor coverings need a temporary underlayment. 
  • Friendly to the environment: Concrete subfloor is usually placed below other flooring materials. This way, to “install” a concrete floor, you just remove what is over it. Nothing new comes up, and thus no carbon footprint or a waste of resources. 
  • Lasts longer: Once properly maintained, a concrete floor can serve you till eternity. It doesn’t matter where you use it, either in your house or in your business where traffic never stops, concrete is still unshakable. 
  • Vast designs: When people hear of concrete floors, boring and unattractive surfaces are what pops up in their minds. However, this is just a tale. A change in mixing and set in the modern era has brought a variety of design all having a variation in color and texture. 

At times, coloration is added while mixing the concrete, before placing the slab. However, for earlier installed floors, paints and dyes of the desired color can be applied, once the surface is acid-stained. 

For the texture, its smooth touch can be perfected during installation. In case, you need other appearances, attractive textural patterns can be made on the surface during installation. Again, you can polish the material to fine-tune evrything and have a tile-like appearance. 

Skillfulness, unparalleled professionalism and magnificent customer service are what we are all about. No matter how big or complex the task is, our experts are committed to delivering superior results. Once Scottsdale Concrete Solutions does the work for you, your concrete floors will always stand strong and attractive, all contributed by our devotion and commitment to serve you. 

Embrace creativity Get what you want from your space, by having concrete flooring from Scottsdale Concrete Solutions in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact us today for more details and ask for your free estimate. 

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