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Experts at Scottsdale Concrete Solutions are perfect contractors for foundation work. For large-sized or small-sized projects in the city of Scottsdale, AZ, we are your trusted experts. We will set up strong and long lasting foundations that will serve you for as long as you live. 


The main and principal part of all structures is the foundation. It provides a firm connection between the ground and the rest of the building. The foundation makes it possible to attain a stable structure. It attains this by ensuring even weight distribution thus preventing any part from succumbing to pressure due to overload. For strong and firm structure foundations, concrete is a perfect material. This establishes an always stable building due to the durability of concrete. Concrete foundations last for countless decades. 


T-SHAPED – It is a typical foundation type mostly applied in areas that experience freezing of soil. A footing is built deep underground to the point where soils do not freeze during wintertime. The walls are then built on the footing. The T-shaped footing is wider than the walls to give the base maximum support. While building a T-shaped foundation, a footing is set first. What follows is the construction of the walls. In the end, the slab is placed.

This one is different. No footing is made, instead, concrete foundation slab is poured on the ground. Here, the edges of the slab are kept thicker than the other parts. Firm support is provided to the whole building. Important to note, this foundation is not a perfect option for all soils in different areas. This is because concrete directly touches the earth’s surface. It’s mostly best for warm regions, that do not experience ground freezing during winter. Again, it is weakened by floods.

This foundation is characterized by a single concrete slab, where the structure lies. The base slab in slab-on-grade foundations only provides support to the lower building parts. However, raft foundations support the weight of the entire building. Columns balance the upper weight, while the slab provides support to the lower parts. Beams and ribs can be added directly to the foundation, to provide extra support. Areas with weak soils are best served by the Raft foundation.

Allow our foundation contractors to access your project and see what it will require. Whether you are looking to set up a strong foundation for your custom home or a mere shed, bring it on and let’s serve you the best quality.

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