Masonry Contractor in Scottsdale AZ

What Do Masons Actually Do?

Masons work with numerous materials, including concrete, brick, and stone, so they can install patios, retaining walls, chimneys, and even whole homes. They have broad expertise, and many homeowners fail to truly tap into this resource. Even a simple feature can truly improve a space, be it accenting an interior design with a stone veneer wall or enhancing curb appeal with a pathway.

Masons can specialize in three different areas, and some of them actually earn qualifications and experience in all of them, including concrete, brick, and stone.

  • Stone Masons: Stoneworkers come up with various installations working with veneer products, natural stone, and manufactured stone. They can do things like interior and exterior flooring, walls, and facades. Stoner Workers can manipulate their materials to work for any look and design.

  • Brick Masons: These professionals work with brick, whether it’s real, solid, veneer, or manufactured. More frequently called ‘bricklayers’, brick masons pay mindful attention so they create uniform lines without mistakes. They commonly work on installations such as patios, columns, walls, fireplaces, and chimneys.

Concrete Masonry Contractors

Concrete masons deal with block and poured concrete. The pouring process often includes leveling and finishing, as well as managing the impact of weather as their cement starts to harden. Concrete workers might even use metal reinforcements for supporting their installations. Common projects include walls, columns, sidewalks, and driveways.

In the case of most interior projects, homeowners could use veneer products for an effective result. Veneer weighs less than brick or natural stone, making it much simpler to put into place. It’s also usually cheaper, since it’s easier to move and has less brick or natural stone in it.


Chimney And Fireplace Masonry

Fireplaces aren’t just a hole in your wall where you can enjoy a wood-burning fire. They’re something that can be a true hearth in your home. Professional products are noticeably different, likely to leave an impact on anyone who sees them. No other spot in your home will better demonstrate the difference that separates cheap knock-offs from genuine mason craftsmanship.


Walkways And Patios

The right professional can bring your whole yard together and even increase your living space thanks to the installation of a stone or brick walkway or patio. Landscaping projects like these can boost the curb appeal of your home and increase your property value to boot.


Retaining Or Garden Walls

These walls usually hold together a sloping lawn or frame a garden. They’re typically shorter, and quite a few different materials are used in such installations. You can choose brick, manufactured or natural stone, or even a veneer surrounding a concrete core.


Stone Or Brick Steps

The installation costs for stone steps average about $2,200, but can range from $1,000 up to $12,000. Brick steps, however, typically range from $150 up to $300 for each step.

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