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Decorative concrete pool decks are one of the biggest trends today. It’s no secret why because it creates an inviting atmosphere where people can get together to hang out, entertain and sunbathe. A pool deck may resemble a patio and function like one, but it has different requirements for orientation and for sip resistance.

Concrete Pool Decks: Repair Options

As long as the concrete is structurally in good shape, then there are a number of ways a pool deck can be repaired. The option you go with will largely depend on your budget and condition of the concrete. In general, a color enhancement may be one option, or you can go for a more complex option such as total resurfacing. 

If you want good results, then remove many concrete that is unsound. Fill the cracks in before repairs are attempted. If your deck is settling, or if its not properly sloped, then you’ll want to re-level the surface. You’ll also want to divert the water runoff.

  • Resurfacing- Is your pool deck scaling or cracking because if it is, then you should resurface it with an overlay made from concrete. Doing this will over up any flaws that are present, and it will allow you to upgrade your pool’s appearance. This is because you can customize everything from the texture to the pattern to the color. Not only that, but there are systems that can improve slip resistance and reflect heat. 

  • Recoloring- The truth is that most concrete will stain, and other coloring methods can be subjected to discoloring because years can take a toll. Many things can cause concrete pool decks to become discolored. This includes sun exposure, weathering, pool chemicals and improper color application to name a few. 

Don’t worry though because in many cases the color can be restored and all that is typically required is a new application of water-based stain or coat of acid. A staining product that is resistant to UV, then your deck will look amazing for many years to come. Just make sure that a good sealer is used too because this will play a role in maintaining your pool deck’s integrity.

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