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Scottsdale Home Sidewalks

There are quite a few reasons that Scottsdale homeowners love having concrete sidewalks.

  • First of all, concrete is very affordable. In terms of walkways, this particular material makes more economic sense than most others.

  • Concrete can be easily utilized in many different shapes and designs while still covering a broad area of surface. Given how it is poured, it’s as easy to make a curved pathway as it is a straight one.

  • In terms of durability, no other option in this particular price range is going to last for as long. Enjoy longevity and high performance thanks to how it withstands normal wear and tear.

  • Very little is required in terms of maintenance and upkeep. Routine cleaning and an occasional repair for minor cracks are all you should have to do for years of enjoyment.

  • You can choose to change the look in regards to both design and color. Colored and stamped concrete can totally alter the broader visual aesthetics of any concrete surface.

Common Contributors To Cracking In Concrete

No single reason accounts for cracks in concrete, as there are many possible reasons.

A Lack Of Crushed Stone Base
When a concrete slab doesn’t have a crushed stone base, then it’s far more prone to environmental influences like water washing away any subgrade or soil movements.

Missing Control Joints
Control joints are lines which are tooled or cut into a slab when concrete is initially placed. Such joints aren’t known to prevent cracks in a slab, but they are helpful in determining where the cracks might be.

No Construction Joints
These are utilized for connections between two different slabs. If there aren’t any construction joints, a pair of slabs might slip, pushing up against each other. This can result in tripping and cracking hazards.

Improper Design For The Concrete Mix
Everything, including temperature, air, and water content, has to be all in proper alignment for an effective concrete mix design. Luckily, companies that know what they’re doing can supply modern designs that don’t crack nearly as much as they used to.

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