Concrete Slab Contractor in Scottsdal AZ

We are proud of the work we do and the results speak for themselves. We provide an array of services to those in the city of Scottsdale, and this includes patios, driveways, slab work and sidewalks. If you need concrete flat-work done, and you want nothing but the best job done, then you should give us a call. We offer quality services at affordable prices. 

  • Garage Slabs
    Generally speaking, garage slabs are typically four-inches thick. As for how the thickness is determined, the main factor will be the size of the vehicles that will be parked in the garage. Also, the materials required to keep the integrity of the structure intact will factor into how thick the slab should be.
  • Hard Trowel Finish
    A hard trowel finish is an option you have for slabs in Scottsdale. You achieve this by using a steel trowel to make the surface more dense. The result is a finish that is very hard and smooth.
  • Broom Finish
    You get this finish by dragging a broom across the slab. You can use a similar device. Asides from making the slab look better, this type of finish helps with things such as drainage and traction.
  • Decorative Finish
    Decorative concrete finish is affordable and attractive. It’s also extremely durable. Best of all, it requires only a tiny amount of maintenance.


Our company provides nothing but the highest quality of work. We work with our concrete producer and material suppliers, and our goals are the same. We aim to provide each and every customer with quality work. 

However, small imperfections can happen. This is because the concrete work is done by humans. Plus, concrete can become damaged due to many factors such as equipment, de-icers, vehicles, general wear and tear, and chemicals to name a few.

  • Cracking
    Due to the nature of it, concrete is bound to crack. In the industry, cracks that are no bigger than half and inch in gap or height is considered normal.

  • Settling & Shifting
    Asides from cracking, concrete is going to shift and settle. It’s going to settle no matter what, and this is regardless of how well the soil is compacted. We can’t control soils, which is why shifting and settling is not covered under our warranty.

  • Popping & Flaking
    Stones/stone can become exposed as a result of weathering. However, the integrity of the slab isn’t compromised by this. The industry considers it normal when flaking and popping covers 20% or less of the slab’s surface.

  • Discoloration
    All concrete mix designs are different from one another. The truth is that existing concrete mix design cannot be matched in color. We do not guarantee, nor do we warrant that the existing product and our work will match.

Our professionals come from a diverse background and we always go the extra mile for our customers. We are the number one concrete service in the city of Scottsdale. For a free estimate, give us a call today.

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